Symphony Lifespan

by Second Story Feedback

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After independently releasing three records, maintaining relationships with listeners, and sharing the stage with bands such as Abandon Kansas, Showbread, and The Wedding, Second Story Feedback is preparing to release their fourth work, Symphony Lifespan. This collection of songs truly encompasses the band's lifespan and were all written over the last four years. Although some songs may be older than others, this full-length album flows together as the band explores the ideas of beauty, pain, and the nature of humanity. Lead singer and songwriter, Paul Demer states that "the album is based around the idea that existence is a song and we are the notes…. The question is: in your symphony lifespan will you be harmony or dissonance?” Demer is backed up by the fraternally synchronized rhythm section of Josh and Ben Jessup. Symphony Lifespan's unique instrumentation breaks down genre barriers as electronic and acoustic instruments harmonize. The record features standard power trio, three part harmonies, trumpets, string quartet, and various rhythmic and melodic samples. Fans of melodic and thoughtful rock music will enjoy this unique yet relatable release.


released December 3, 2011

Paul Demer - Vocals, Guitars, Songwriting
Ben Jessup - Bass, Vocals
Josh Jessup - Drums, Vocals

Recorded & Mixed by Tom Demer
Mastered by Karl Demer (Atomic K Records)
Produced by Second Story Feedback & Tom Demer
Tate Music Group 2011



all rights reserved


Second Story Feedback Arlington, Texas

Second Story Feedback is an uplifting and engaging indie rock band based in Arlington, Texas.

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Track Name: Nova
I cannot define the words goodness and crime
When I'm standing before you
Give me a sign, or give me more time
This problem is nothing new

I want to please you
It's all I want to do
I want to show you
That I can start over new

These ups and downs are spinning me around
And I can't seem to see clear
Am I the fox that's chased by the hound?
Or is my foe in the mirror?

I want to give you what you deserve
I'm tired of taking, now let me serve
I'm trying my best now because
Track Name: Symphony Lifespan
The sky is blue
I know that it's true
The grass is green
And these are the things that I've seen

This is art, not chance
A divine romance

The birds sing and chime
Woodpecker keeps the time
And all of nature plays a song
We've been composed all along

This is love, not math
We have been given a path

We've lost all control
And nature has taken its toll
As harmony bleeds to dissonance
But there still is a plan
In this symphony lifespan
And the world still has time to dance
Track Name: Peace of Mind
There I was, sitting in the shade
Beneath a tree, far from my home
And I saw troubles seem to fade
I looked at the sun and it shone, it shone

All this time I thought I was alone
But you are there right by my side
And I forgot, going through all of this
I’ll never be alone, I'll never be alone
I'll never be alone, never be alone

I woke up from the longest dream
After sleeping in for what seems like years and years
I said everything but what I meant
And I’ll live in the now and here, I'm here

This was peace of my mind
This rest I find
This is peace of my mind
This rest I find
Track Name: Whisper
The night is still when I'm alone
All my thoughts echo against the walls of my mind
My thesis is silence
I cannot speak anymore

I hear your voice
When I'm alone
I hear you whisper softly to me
To come back home

Phantoms all around
And in the cracks of my mind
Will you send an angel?
And will I hear its call?

To come back home
To come back home
"Won't you come back home?"
Track Name: Invade Me
Hello you, where have you gone to?
You used to be right by my side
When I was younger it was easy to see you
But the older I get the more you hide

But I know you're here with me
'Cause you're present in all that I see
I'll run into your open arms
If you invade me again

The birds and the trees in the forest
They all scream your name
The insects and leaves are the poorest
But they love you just the same

Hello you, where have you gone to?

Now a reflection in the mirror
And then we'll see face to face
We'll know your love so much clearer
When we're in that brand new space
Track Name: Convince Me
You are a mystery
So convince me
To search myself
For the answers
To questions
I need to ask myself

I just want know
Know which way to go
I just want to learn
Learn which direction to turn

I am confused
And I'm let down
I am lost and need to be found

I don't understand
Understand myself
So why do I even try
To see behind your eyes?

I want to know what it's like on the other side
I want to know what it's like to really be alive
I am convinced (I am confused)
I am convinced (I'm let down)
I am convinced that
Track Name: All My Defenses Are Red
I didn't think a few words could shake all the walls I've built
I've built them tall, my protective walls, to hide me from guilt
I stay inside as a painful tide comes crashing from below
On these days that I'm far from you time starts moving slow

You alone can point a finger
Why did a say what I said?
'Cause you alone can lay the blame
And all of my defenses are red

A battle rages between me and the rest
Of the people outside I feel like it's a test
Is it my fault that I try to blame someone else?
We won't know until the one guilty tells

I blamed you but it was me all along
I blamed you but it was me all along
Track Name: Monotony
Time is up!
Time is up!

Day and night, then dark then light
All my world is black and white
All my hopes and dreams are now fading from my sight

Sun rise and falls
And then returns to the sky
I still recall the day that I opened my eyes

Time stops and turns
Time stops and turns

Track Name: The Waking Day
I'm the last one to sleep and the first one to wake
With the promise I didn't keep
With my head on the bed and my eyes shut tight
I reflect upon what I said

Am I alone?
It seems that the others have fallen asleep
Am I alone?
The waking day still has promises to keep

Thoughts haunt my days but I can't shut my eyes
Out of fear of the nighttime spies
Even with a disguise I can't run from these lies
When the sun returns to the sky

If I could get this off my chest
I could get some rest
Let my regrets fade away
With the dusk

Am I alone?
It seems that the others have fallen asleep
Lead me back home
The rising sun still has chapters left to write
Track Name: Newness
I am so comfortable with the temporary
Because the infinite is indefinite
What I have is so easy to come by
But what I need is priceless and scarce

Fill me with newness
Because what I have has expired
It's time that I confessed
Maybe then I can be inspired
Maybe I can be inspired

I'm loved by how much material I have
But really it's not mine at all
Market has placed a label on me
I'm branded by the things that I've been sold

You alone fill me up and you give me all that I need
You raise me up so I can stand, I can stand, I can
Break these chains, you break these chains
Tying me down to the hurt and the shame
Break these chains, you break these chains
They're tying me down to the hurt and the shame
Track Name: Requisite
I had a dream
That I could be alone
But now I'm not too sure
That I can fly on my own

And I still need you here
And I still have some fears
Of ending up here

The sun and the moon
Never change as I grow
They put me back in place
I am small, this I know

Without truth I'm nothing
Without you I'm lost
Without truth I'm nothing
And without you I'm lost
The son shows me the way to shine