Shade Tree Mechanics

by Second Story Feedback



The North Texas indie rock trio, Second Story Feedback, quickly follows up their first full length, Embers, with an organic new EP entitled "Shade Tree Mechanics". The ambitious trio began to record just a few months after releasing Embers and ended up with a product of five new melodic rock songs. The opening track, "Convince Me", begins with a rock anthem chorus, while three-part vocal harmonies soar from the speakers. As "All My Defenses Are Red" fades in, a darker mood sets in. Just seconds in, the fuzzed out guitar riff leads into a pounding, bass driven, rocker. The title track, "Shade Tree Mechanics", floats as the brisk acoustic guitar and falsetto appear. This light, pop-rock, ballad quickly segues into the pop-punk attack of "Celestial". The bridge of this short tune is one of the most exciting parts of the whole EP, showcasing a jazzy percussion breakdown. The ominous five-minute, soundscape, "Cycle" closes the EP with a hypnotic mix of riffs and haunting vocals.


released April 8, 2010

All songs words and music by Paul Demer.
Paul Demer - Lead vocals, tenor guitar, six-string guitar
Josh Jessup - Drums, backing vocals
Ben Jessup - Bass, backing vocals
Tom Demer - Recording, mixing, producing, strings
Karl Demer - Mastering



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Second Story Feedback Arlington, Texas

Second Story Feedback is an uplifting and engaging indie rock band based in Arlington, Texas.

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Track Name: Convince Me
I just want to know
Know which way to go
I just want to learn
Learn which direction to turn

I am confused, I'm let down
I am lost and need to be found

You are a mystery, so convince me to search myself
For the answers to questions I need to ask myself

I don't understand
Understand myself
So why do I even try
To see behind your eyes?

I want to know what it's like on the other side.
I want to know what it's like to be alive.
Track Name: All My Defenses Are Red
I didn't think a few words could shake all the walls I've built
I've built them tall, my protective walls, to hide me from guilt
I stay inside as a painful tide comes crashing from below
On these days that I'm far from You time starts moving slow

You alone can point a finger
Why did I say what I said?
You alone can lay the blame
But all my defenses are red

A battle rages between me and the rest
Of the people outside, I feel like it's a test
Is it my fault that I try to blame someone else?
We won't know until the one guilty tells

I blamed you but it was me all along
Track Name: Shade Tree Mechanics
You are leaving to a place far away
You don't care if I go or stay
You got your big plans
You're growing older

I want to follow, but it's not my time

I'll miss you and I know you'll miss me too
And I hope that you'll come through
Cause I want to know what it's like to be on your own
But I'm not ready to go

You left and I am still the same
I'm playing with toys while you play political games
You're driving the company car
While I'm driving a go-cart

Maybe I'm different, but you're different too

It's not my time
Track Name: Celestial
I would rather be with you now
But I do not know how to leave this place
And if I need to say sorry
I will say sorry with great haste

And I will follow you for this I promise
And I will be like you for this I promise
For this I swear

You are celestial in all you do
I think I'll follow you all of my days
And if I knew someone who'd equate to you
Oh that could never be true, you fixate my gaze
Track Name: Cycle
When things vanish they go away for awhile
But re-appear in the backs of our minds
Moving their way to the front
They slowly draw close
But closer is too close for comfort

So history repeats itself and nothing goes away
Emerging thus again sometime
Good things and the bad, they all come and come again
And I've found out all we are is one big cycle

And everything will come back some way it's true
But everything that we do is nothing compared to You

And in this verse I will say what I have thought in this day
We were meant to follow Your ways
And if we are but a cycle, then let's live for the rightful
All that we need is in You

If history repeats itself then I'm waiting for life to begin